How To Give Your Athletic Wife The Perfect Birthday

Is your wife having a birthday soon? Since you know she's into an athletic lifestyle, consider that as you plan her day. From starting her day in a festive way to selecting Brazilian workout leggings, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start The Day Together - Do you enjoy an athletic lifestyle, too? If so, think of joining her as you begin your wife's special day together.

  • Pack a picnic and take it to a park that has a great walking or jogging course. Pack things like croissants, chocolate covered strawberries and specialty yogurts. Let her decide whether she wants breakfast before or after your exercise.
  • Has your wife been begging you to go to the gym with her? Surprise her with the fact that you have bought a membership to her gym and start the day there together.
  • If you aren't interested in rigorous exercise, at least go on a nature walk with your wife. Again, take a picnic basket with you. Take a camera, too, so you can snap pictures of interesting things you see along the way.  If you have children, your wife would probably love to have them come along.

Give Your Wife The Perfect Gift - Think of the different things your wife loves. 

  • For example, does your wife love to read? Combine that love of reading with her love of athletics. Select a new bestseller that deals with the benefits of running, or give her a special movie like Chariots Of Fire which includes running in its theme. 
  • Does your wife love art? Consider giving her a gift card that she can use at an art museum, both for the entrance fee and to spend in the museum's gift shop.
  • If your wife doesn't have Brazilian leggings already, consider giving her a set that includes the pants and a sports top. Choose something special like an animal print, or choose basic black that she can pair with different tops. Brazilian leggings are super comfortable and easy to wash. In addition, they come in lots of prices, so you will be able to select some that will match your budget.

If you decide to give your wife the Brazilian workout leggings, give them to her at the start of the day so that she can enjoy wearing them on her birthday. And, don't forget to give her a birthday card that expresses your love and appreciation for all that she does for you.

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