Choose The Right Length Of Longboard Based On Your Intended Usage

If you've decided that you're going to start riding a longboard, you'll be excited to look for a store in your area that specializes in the sale of this type of device. It's easy to get focused on the color scheme or even the price of the longboards you're looking at, but it's also important to choose your board, in part, based on its length. As you peruse the longboards for sale, you'll see that they're commonly available in a handful of lengths. To determine the right length of board for you, it's useful to think about how you plan to use the board. Here are some considerations.

Longer Boards

A longer-length longboard is best to buy if you plan on using the board for rolling down hills and eventually racing with your friends. When you're on a slope and traveling quickly, a longer board will provide you with more stability. The longer wheelbase will allow you to turn more smoothly, which is essentially when you're traveling at a quick rate of speed. Although individual riders have their preferences for board length based on how they race, you'll typically want to focus your search on the longer boards in the store if you intend to use the board in this manner.

Shorter Boards

It's also possible to shop for a longboard that is on the shorter side. This type of board is ideal if you plan on using it for transportation. While many riders enjoy long, quick runs down hilly streets, others use their longboards for traveling around the city. If you favor the idea of riding your board to school or work, shorter is better. A shorter longboard will allow you to turn at a sharper angle, which is important if you need to react quickly to a pedestrian, cyclist, or even a vehicle.

Mid-Range Boards

A mid-range board — one that isn't too long and isn't too short — is ideal for riders who intend to use their longboard for rolling down hills at quick rate of speed and traveling within the city. Having a moderate-length board gives you the best of both worlds for your dual intended usage. The board will be long enough to give you stability and the ability to turn smoothly when you're riding down hills, but short enough to be able to maneuver quickly when you're traveling in the city. A salesperson at your local longboard shop like High Five Skateboards will be able to talk to you about your intended use of the board and find one that suits you best.

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